[Aide] Signing configs with --enable-forced_configmd

wozz.6337083 at bloglines.com wozz.6337083 at bloglines.com
Thu Jan 13 20:06:03 EET 2005

I give.  What's the trick for generating signed configs when you have --enable-forced_configmd
enabled?  Trying to generate the HMAC with aide -D (which appears to be completely
undocumented) results in: "Can't give config checksum when compiled with --enable-forced_configmd"

Do I have to compile a second instance without --enable-forced_configmd
to sign the configs?  When I tried this with 0.10 I got a seg fault on trying
to use the config signed with the non-force_configmd version on the --enable-force_configmd
version.  Is this a bug that might be fixed in CVS?  I didn't see reference
to such a bug anywhere on sourceforge.  Any help?  Thanks!

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